Water heaters 4,5-15 kW

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The EFFEKT boilers are effective heating units that can be used instead of, or together with, old central heating boilers in both small and large facilities and for several special applications. The PK tube boilers are equipped with one 2-inch resistor sleeve and two 2-inch connection sleeves for the heating network. The resistor sleeve can be equipped with one immersion heater with a related control device (maximum output 15 kW). Since new PK boilers are equipped with a separate expansion joint that is placed at the immersion heater end, they can also be installed vertically so that the enclosure of the immersion heater points upwards, as long as venting is taken care of (e.g., with an automatic air vent valve mounted on the expansion joint). The boilers are insulated with polyurethane and cladded with plastic-covered steel plates. The boilers are equipped with immersion heaters and control devices with the required power rating. The immersion heaters and control devices are installed on the boiler at the operating site. The maximum operating pressure of the boilers is 10 bar, and they are made of either boiler steel, stainless steel, or acid-resistant steel. Boiler steel is suitable for the heating of central heating water, whereas stainless steel is suitable for domestic water and acid-resistant steel for special applications.

CONFIGURATION OPTIONS: TY3: 3-pole thermostat and a 3-pole overheat cut-off, TYK: 3-pole thermostat and a 3-pole overheat cut-off, and a 3-pole switch. The operating switch and direct control are available up to the power rating of 9 kW. With higher power ratings, contactor control must be used.

WARNING: The boilers must be installed in a manner that ensures that no air pockets are created around the immersion heaters under any circumstances. The immersion heaters cannot withstand even brief periods of dry operation.

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Electrical number Product Name Price Pcs Buy
1000451 Tube boiler PK 451 TY3
1002451 Tube boiler PK 451 TYK
1000601 Tube boiler PK 601 TY3
1000751 Tube boiler PK 751 TY3
1000901 Tube boiler PK 901 TY3
1001121 Tube boiler PK 121 TY3A
1001151 Tube boiler PK 151 TY3A
1002601 Tube boiler PK 601 TYK
1002751 Tube boiler PK 751 TYK
1021129 Tube boiler PK 901 TYK
  • 1 x 2" resistor sleeve + 2 x 2" connection sleeve for water
  • Maximum operating pressure: 10 bar
  • Vertical/horizontal installation
  • Polyurethane insulation
  • Outer sheath: plastic-coated steel
  • TY3: 3-pole thermostat and a 3-pole overheat cut-off
  • TYK: 3-pole thermostat, 3-pole overheat cut-off, and a 3-pole operating switch
  • TY3A: 3-pole thermostat and a 3-pole overheat cut-off (A = boilers with a higher power rating, larger case)
Electrical numberTypeOutput (kW)Resistors (pcs)
10 004 51 PK 451 TY3 4.5 1x 4.5
10 006 01 PK 601 TY3 6 1x 6
10 007 51 PK 751 TY3 7.5 1x 7.5
10 009 01 PK 901 TY3 9 1x 9
10 011 21 PK 121 TY3A 12 1x 12
10 011 51 PK 151 TY3A 15 1x 15
10 026 01 PK 601 TYK 6 1x 6
10 027 01 PK 751 TYK 7.5 1x 7.5
10 211 29 PK 901 TYK 9 1x 9