TH Terrace heaters

The TH terrace heaters are designed to be used as local heaters in sufficiently enclosed facilities (e.g., winter gardens, balconies, canopies, churches, and other public spaces where the heaters can be installed so that they are not directly exposed to weather conditions, such as rain. The surface temperature of the TH heaters is significantly lower than the surface temperature of regular halogen heaters, and the TH heaters do not emit any visible light, either. In practice, the lowest operating temperature falls in the range of +5°C...+10°C. When the operating temperature is lower than that, the radiant power of the element is decreased and the heating effect is significantly reduced. The minimum installation height is 1.8 metres from the floor, and the minimum distance between the upper surface of the heater and the ceiling is 300 mm.

Due to the rotating brackets, the heater can be installed either on the ceiling or a wall. The brackets are provided with the product. The heater can also be suspended from the ceiling with the aid of chains or wires. In that case, metal mounting anchors must be used. Brackets TH2 and TH3, with the aid of which two or three heaters can be mounted as a single entity, are available as an accessory.

The heater is supplied with a fixed 2-metre cable that is equipped with a plug. The heater can also be connected to a junction box by cutting the plug off from the cable. This does not affect the warranty. In the case of a fixed installation, the heater must be equipped with a separate operating switch. The installation method must follow the local electrical regulations.


Electrical number Product Name Price Pcs Buy
8178850 Terrace heater IP45 TH 1000 230V 1000W 1080x140x45
8178851 Terrace heater IP45 TH 1500 230V 1500W 1580x140x45
8178854 Protective grill TH10 for TH10 terrace heater
8178855 Protective grill TH15 for TH15 terrace heater
8178852 Wall-/ceiling fastener TH2 2xTH terracce heater
8178853 Wall-/ceiling fastener TH3 3xTH terracce heater
  • Operating voltage: 230 V
  • Minimum operating temperature: approx. +5°C...+10°C
  • IP rating: IP45
  • Maximum surface temperature: approx. +300°C
  • Colour: matte black
  • Connection cable: 2 m (with a plug), included in the delivery
  • Minimum installation height: 1.8 m from the floor
  • Minimum distance to the ceiling: 300 mm from the upper surface of the heater
  • Accessories included in the delivery: wall and ceiling brackets
Product numberTypeOutput (W)Voltage (V)Dimensions (mm)Weight (kg)
81 788 50 TH 1000 1,000 230 1,080 x 140 x 45 5.0
81 788 51 TH 1500 1,500 230 1,580 x 140 x 45 7.2