SILE TuffTec heating cable for tarmac

The Sileduo TuffTec heating cables have been designed for outdoor use, i.e., for keeping roads, driveways, bridges, terraces, roofs, troughs, and many other sites free of ice and snow. Thanks to the unique cable structure, the cables withstand mechanical wear and tear extremely well. The Sileduo Tufftec cables are also suitable for installation with asphalt (see separate installation instructions). Also available as ready-made systems (230V/400V).

The cable is sold by the metre or customised to the customer's needs and equipped with the type of connection cable required by the customer.

Our customer service is happy to provide more information about our custom products!

Electrical number Product Name Price Pcs Buy
0435952 Heating cable Sileduo TuffTec 0.144 Ω/m
0435955 Heating cable Sileduo TuffTec 0.26 Ω/m
0435956 Heating cable Sileduo TuffTec 0.44 Ω/m
0435957 Heating cable Sileduo TuffTec 1.00 Ω/m
  • Structure: HFFR outer sheath, copper braid, HDPE insulation, FEP insulation, and multi-strand resistance wire
  • Conductor type: round
  • Diameter: 6.57 mm
  • Nominal resistance: 20 ohm/m...0.10 ohm/m*
  • Max nominal output: 30 W/m
  • Max operating temperature: 105°C
  • Max peak temperature (10 mins): 240°C
  • Nominal voltage: 230/400 V
  • Test voltage (insulation): 2,500 V AC
  • Compliance with standards (heating cable): IEC 60800
  • Compliance with standards (heating unit): EN 60335-1