Self-regulating heating cable ELCHEM RÄNNI 18/36

ELCHEM RÄNNI is a high-quality UV-resistant cable intended for the de-icing of rainwater pipes. The cable releases a significant amount of power when exposed to snow and icy water (36 W/m @ 0°C). When the ice has melted and the cable is dry, the heating effect is reduced by half, which provides significant energy savings. The cables are delivered in reels or cut into a loop of a required length. In the latter case, the cable is equipped with cold ends of a desired length and the ends are terminated.

If the site requires and armoured cable, the PST 20 de-icing cable must be used instead.

Electrical number Product Name Pcs Buy
8179495 Self-regulating heating cable ELCHEM RÄNNI 18/36
  • Outer sheath: TPE-O
  • Diameter: 5.5 mm x 13.6 mm.
  • Conductor: nickel-plated copper
  • Protection: protective conductors and a foil sheath
  • Maximum ambient temperature: 80°C (dead)
  • Maximum ambient temperature: 65°C (live)
  • Nominal voltage: 230 V
  • Minimum bend radius: 25 mm
  • Mnimum installation temperature: -15°C
  • UV-protected
Heating circuit lengths
in which the following have been taken into account:
  • 230V nominal voltage
  • Slow circuit breaker (C curve), max capacity 80%
  • Maximum voltage drop in the supply conductor line of the heating cable: 10% 
  • One (1) heating cable, unidirectional supply
Switching temperature (°C)Nominal cut-off value (A)Maximum length of heating circuit (m)
10 10/16/20 68/109/129
0 10/16/20 57/92/115
-10 10/16/ 20 50/79/99
-20 10/16/20 44/70/87



Electrical numberTypeOutput W/m (0°C)
81 794 95 Elchem Ränni 18/36 W/m 18/36