PST Barrel heating mats 25-200L

The PST barrel heaters are quick and easy to implement, and they can be used for the heating or various containers and barrels. The thermally insulated lining and the effective heating element, which is equipped with an adjustable thermostat, ensure that the temperature stays at the adjusted level. The element is easy to install around the object to be heated using the fastening bands equipped with quick release buckles. The heater is connected to the electricity network with a rubber cable that is equipped with a plug. The temperature can be adjusted steplessly within the range of 0...+90°C. The structure is equipped with double insulation, and the IP rating of the product is IP40. The heater is suitable for use with containers made of plastic or metal.


Electrical number Product Name Price Buy
0013010 Barrel heater mat PST 200W 0-90°C 25L
0013011 Barrel heater mat PST 250W 0-90°C 50L
0013012 Barrel heater mat PST 400W 0-90°C 105L
0013013 Barrel heater mat PST 450W 0-90°C 200L
0013014 Barrel heater mat PST 1200W 0-90°C 200L
  • Operating voltage: 230 V AC
  • Output: 200–1,200 W (depends on the model)
  • Material of the outer sheath: fire-resistant polyester
  • Insulation: fibreglass (E) insulation mat
  • Heating element: silicone-insulated spiral-shaped resistor element
  • Control: fixed adjustable thermostat 0...+90°C
  • Connection cable: HO7RN-F rubber cable equipped with a plug
  • Fastening method: polypropylene bands equipped with adjustable quick-connectors

Size Dimensions (mm) Output (W) Suitable diameter (mm)
25L 400 x 1,020 200 277-315
50L 460 x 1,250 250 350-388
105L 370 1,650 400 470-515
200L 450 x 1,950 450 573-611
200L 800 x 1,950 1,200 573-611