Container heater mat PST 2000W 0-40/90°C 1,0x4,4m

The PST 2000 container heater is designed for the heating of liquids that are stored in 1,000L containers and are prone to freezing/congealing. Due to its insulated construction, the PST container heater is efficient and economical.

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8111570 Container heater mat PST 2000W 0-40/90°C 1,0x4,4m
  • Durable polyester/teflon structure
  • Two 1000W heating circuits
  • Thermally insulated
  • Adjustable fastening bands with quick release buckles
  • Includes a thermostat with the control range of 0°C...+40°C or 0°C...+90°C
  • Other sizes available by custom order
  • 3 metre power cable
  • IP rating: IP40 
  • Operating voltage: 230 V AC

+ An insulated lid is available as an accessory.

This product is not kept in stock but can be ordered directly from the manufacturer, so please request a quote!