Polarpad Grip Basic 600W 1500x1000 Snow melting element 400W/m²

The PolarPad elements can be used for creating a safe and durable surface de-icing system for pederstrian areas, safe areas, exit routes, and other places that pose a risk of slipping. The surface pattern and effective heating elements make, together with the insulation structure, the PolarPad pad the world's best heating product for freezing surface areas. The element is made of high-quality rubber elastomer and aluminium compounds. The metallic layer under the highly durable antiskid surface pattern and the water-resistant insulation material of the base make the element more energy efficient and easier to install.

The PolarPad heating elements are easy to install with the aid of adjustable mounting brackets or bolts. The elements can also be fastened to metallic surfaces with magnetic Polarpad Mag quick fasteners. For temporary installation, the product is also available with a plug connection. Products whose output differs from the standard output, as well as customised special products, are designed on a project-specific basis. It is recommended that a PST5000 control centre is used for power adjustment and that a remote-controlled sensor system is used at larger sites.

Applications: access routes, ice-swimming pools, ski centres, wheelchair ramps, and other places that pose a risk of slipping.


  • Watertight structure that is compliant with IP rating IP68
  • Safe and ergonomic coating
  • Double metallic protection layer for the heating elements
  • Extremely durable year-round surface material that does not emit hazardous coating chemicals or shed paint
  • The energy-saving insulation material, which is made with closed-cell capsules, optimally directs the thermal energy only to the location that needs to be de-iced
  • Due to the high-quality design and production technology, the product reacts quickly to variations in heating power and produces heat very evenly
Electrical number Product Name Pcs Buy
8111550 Polarpad Grip Basic 600W 1500x1000 Snow melting element 400W/m²

Total output: 600 W

Output/m2400 W

Operating voltage: 230 V AC

IP rating: IP68

Operating temperature: -40...+50°C

Installation temperature: -20...+50°C

Mechanical strentgh: IK10

Surface material: CR rubber

Filler: polyurethane elastomer, hardness 60 ShA.

Insulation material: CR/NBR rubber, hardness 50 ShA

Surface pattern: PolarPad Super Grip

Elongation of the surface material: 200%

Chemical resistance: oils, sea water

Colour: black, RAL 9005

Dimensions (mm): L: 1,500, W: 1,000, H: 30/37 (incl. surface pattern)

Weight: 35 kg

Connection cable: 5 metres (LKSM-HF 3G2,5 0.6/1kV +90c IEC 60092-353, 60332-3-22)