Frost protection

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Freezing of outdoor areas poses hazards

In winter, the freezing of outdoor areas can result in dangerous situations and make moving about more difficult. The problems caused by freezing can be effectively prevented with the aid of an intelligent de-icing system.


Blockages in eaves gutters can be dangerous

The freezing of water in eaves gutters can create icicles that pose a hazard to pedestrians. This, as well the entering of water into the roof structures, can be prevented by installing a frost protection system in the rainwater system


Pipe system protection

At sub-zero temperatures, the water and sewer pipes that are located outside or above the frost line freeze easily and may even break. This problem can be solved with the aid of a de-icing system that consists of a heating cable and a controller.


Trace heating prevents problems

The aim of trace heating is to replace the energy that is transferred from the pipe to its surroundings. Read more about heat loss calculation and the selection and installation of cables.

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