Record of personal data processing

Personal data controller:

Pistesarjat Oy

Kylanportti 2, FI-02940 Espoo, FINLAND

+358 10 423 8770

Business identity code / VAT: FI1159590


Data protection officer:

Marco Tienhaara, Chief Executive Officer

+358 10 423 8770


Elserie customer register

Principles and purposes of the register 

Elserie collects personal data disclosed by the customer in its customer register. During the processing of personal data, we follow best practices for information management and comply with the relevant laws and regulations governing personal data protection and privacy, as well as other legislation regulating data security. 

Personal data may be used to maintain and manage the customer relationship between Elserie and the customer, develop and plan Elserie’s business operations and for Elserie and its parent company’s marketing and direct advertising. 

The customer has the right to prohibit the use of their data for direct marketing.


Data collected in the register

The customer’s forename and surname

E-mail address


Telephone number


Legitimate information sources

Subject to the customer’s consent, data about the customer is obtained from the customer himself/herself or through the customer’s orders. Customer data may also be collected, stored and updated via Elserie’s other personal data files.


Disclosure of information 

Personal data contained in the customer register is used solely by Elserie, apart from when Elserie engages an external actor for the production of a value-added service or in order to take a credit decision. However, the personal data is not disclosed for the external actors’ or partners’ own use, except in the case of a loan application, debt recovery, invoice-related issues or for purposes as required by legislation.


Transfer of data outside the EU and EEA 

Elserie may transfer customer information to its other customer registers. Elserie uses the e-mail service MailChimp for sending newsletters, which means that personal data (name and e-mail address) is transferred from the European Union to the USA. The USA is included in the European Commission’s list of countries that offer an adequate level of data protection.


The principles of register protection 

Physical material: The information is kept in a locked area on Elserie’s premises.

Electronic material: The register is protected by a firewall. The register can only be accessed by those of our employees who need it to fulfil their work duties. Those with access to the register are identified with a username and password.


Right to review 

Written requests to review the register should be sent to

Pistesarjat Oy, Kylanportti 2, FI-02940 Espoo, FINLAND


Other rights regarding the handling of personal data

A registered customer’s personal data will be deleted upon the customer’s request provided that legislation, unpaid invoices or debt recovery does not prevent this.