FINNSTRIP EL and ENC Low-temperature panels

Radiant heaters release their heat almost entirely in the form of thermal radiation that only spreads to a restricted area. This way the heating effect can be directed accurately at the desired target. For that reason, radiant heaters are particularly well suited for facilities where it is desirable to heat a specific location without heating the surrounding air masses. 

The FinnStrip heating panels, which can be mounted on the ceiling or a wall, can be divided into three categories on the basis of the surface temperature of the heater. In the low and medium temperature panels, the heating elements release the heat to the panel, from which it spreads into the room in the form of thermal radiation. Open radiant heaters (infrared heaters) are not equipped with a panel. Instead, the heating element is visible. The concave surfave above the heating element reflects the thermal radiation directly into the space to be heated.

Radiant heaters are particularly well suited for the heating of, e.g., animal housing, stalls, and other similar spaces. Due to its completely closed structure, the heater can also be used in dusty environments. The IP rating of the ENC models is IP55, and the IP rating of the EL models is IP44.


Electrical number Product Name Price Pcs Buy
8178820 Low-temperature heating panel FINNSTRIP EL200 150W
8178825 Ceiling heating panel FINNSTRIP ENC300 300W White
8178822 Low-temperature heating panel FINNSTRIP EL300 220W
8178827 Ceiling heating panel FINNSTRIP ENC600 600W White
  • Operating voltage: 230 V
  • Connection: 4 mm² terminal strip in a box
  • Mounting: ENC models with ceiling brackets, EL models with fixed brackets
  • IP rating: IP55 (ENC models) IP44 (EL models)
  • Maximum surface temperature: approx. +100°C
  • Installation height: 1.84 m (ENC models) 1.83 m (EL models)
  • Lead-ins: 2 pcs, can be daisy chained
  • Colour: white
Electrical numberTypeOutput (W)Voltage (V)Dimensions (mm)
81 788 25 Finnstrip ENC300 300 W 300 230 593 x 593 x 45
81 788 27 Finnstrip ENC600 600 W 600 230 1,193 x 593 x 45
81 788 20 Finnstrip EL200 150 W 150 230 1,000 x 210 x 35
81 788 22 Finnstrip EL300 220 W 220 230 1,480 x 210 x 35