FINNSTRIP EE Mid-temperature panels

Radiant heaters release their heat almost entirely in the form of thermal radiation that only spreads to a restricted area. This way the heating effect can be directed accurately at the desired target. For that reason, radiant heaters are particularly well suited for facilities where it is desirable to heat a specific location without heating the surrounding air masses. The FinnStrip heating panels, which can be mounted on the ceiling or a wall, can be divided into three categories on the basis of the surface temperature of the heater. In the low and medium temperature panels, the heating elements release the heat to the panel, from which it spreads into the room in the form of thermal radiation. Open radiant heaters (infrared heaters) are not equipped with a panel. Instead, the heating element is visible. The concave surfave above the heating element reflects the thermal radiation directly into the space to be heated.

Applications The FinnStrip EE medium temperature panels can be installed in spaces that are at least 1.8 metres high. The panel is particularly well suited for, e.g., daycare centres, homes, schools, churches, exhibition spaces, storage facilities, factories, and indoor sports facilities. The product is suitable for use as a primary heating system, an additional heat source, or for directed heating.

Additional information The medium-temperature panels produce soft and comfortable heat and also provide heat for floor surfaces. The maintenance-free system is easy and affordable to install. When the system is installed on the ceiling, valuable wall and floor space will be left free. The heat produced by the FinnStrip EE medium-temperature panel is accumulated in the walls and floors, which also enables the use of the more affordable night electricity and maximises the energy savings. The unique structure of the FinnStrip EE medium-temperature panel prevents the creation of magnetic fields (tested by SEMKO). The FinnStrip EE medium-temperature panel has been approved for fixed installation, and the connection box of the heater is equipped with a 16mm2 terminal strip (EE6 and EE10 with a 6mm2 terminal strip). Opportunity for daisy chaining. The models EE24 and EE36 can also be connected with a 400V voltage.


Electrical number Product Name Price Pcs Buy
8178802 Ceiling heating panel FINNSTRIP EE6 600W
8178803 Ceiling heating panel FINNSTRIP EE8 800W
8178804 Ceiling heating panel FINNSTRIP EE10 1000W
8178805 Ceiling heating panel FINNSTRIP EE12 1200W
8178806 Ceiling heating panel FINNSTRIP EE16 1600W
8178807 Ceiling heating panel FINNSTRIP EE20 2000W
8178808 Ceiling heating panel FINNSTRIP EE24 2400W
  • Nominal output: 6004,200 W
  • Operating voltage: 230/400 V AC
  • Maximum surface temperature: +350°C...+450°C
  • IP rating: IP44
  • Installation height: 1.810 m
  • Connection: 6 /16 mm2 terminal strip in a box at the end of the panel
  • Lead-ins: 2 pcs, can be daisy chained
  • Mounting: EE6EE36 ceiling bracket as standard, EE6EE20 wall bracket EE7 as an accessory (see Accessories)
  • Material: galvanised steel
  • Colour: white
  • Models: EE6EE10 with one element, EE8EE20 with two elements, and EE24EE36 wit three elements

Accessories (see Accessories)

  • ON/OFF controller
  • DM65 controller
  • Remote control RC4
  • Wall bracket kit EE7
Electrical numberTypeOutput (W)Voltage (V)Dimensions (mm)
81 788 02 Finnstrip EE6 600 W 600 230 960 x 160 x 50
81 788 03 Finnstrip EE8 800 W 800 230 650 x 290 x 50
81 788 04 Finnstrip EE10 1000 W 1,000 230 1,680 x 160 x 50
81 788 05 Finnstrip EE12 1200 W 1,200 230 960 x 290 x 50
81 788 06 Finnstrip EE16 1600 W 1,600 230 1,360 x 290 x 50
81 788 07 Finnstrip EE20 2000 W 2,000 230 1,680 x 290 x 50
81 788 08 Finnstrip EE24 2400 W 2,400 230/400 1,360 x 430 x 50
81 788 09 Finnstrip EE36 3600 W 3,600 230/400 1,680 x 430 x 50