El-Clic connection boxes for PST 20/30/40/Ränni

Splices for the coupling, conection, and branching of self-regulating heating cables. With the aid of the splices, the connection of heating cables can be carried out in a watertight manner and in accordance with the IP rating of IP65.

The EL-Clic P model is equipped with connections for a maximum of 3 heating cables, and it contains 1 already-connected 2.5-metre supply cable.

The EL-Clic S model is suitable for the splicing or branching of temperature cabinets. This model is not equipped with a connection for a separate supply.

The splices significantly speed up the connection of heating cables.

Connection of the heating cables is easy: Cut the outer sheath in accordance with the dimension diagram on the cover of the splice and turn the earthing sleeve/films/wires over the outer sheath of the cable. After this, the cable is pushed inside the splice through the lead-in and the earthing clamp grabs the earthing of the cable. Then, the neutral and phase conductors connect themselves automatically through the insulation material when the screws in the middle cover are tightened all the way down. The ends of the cables are easy to terminate with the aid of the silicone adhesive in the EL-ECN end termination kit.

Thanks to the splices, no hot air tools or separate connection kits are required for the connection at the site, as a screwdriver and a wire stripper suffice. The temperature range for the operating environment is -40...+100°C, and the material of the splices is UV-protected polyamide.

The splices are suitable for use with PST 20, PST 30, PST 40, and ELCHEM RÄNNI cables.

Compatible end termination: EL-ECN end termination kit

Connection instructions are available via this link.


Electrical number Product Name Price Pcs Buy
8178931 Splice kit for self-regulating cables
8178930 Power connection kit for self-regulating cables
  • The P model is equipped with a pre-installed 2.5-metre connection cable
  • The S model is only suitable for branching and splicing without a connection cable


  • Maximum voltage: 230 V
  • Maximum current: 16 A
  • Temperature range: -40...+100°C
  • Material: UV-protected polyamide
  • IP rating: IP65
  • Compliant with standards: VDE 40037869
  • Dimensions: 190 x 70 x 50 mm
  • Weight: 500 g (without the connection cable)
  • Required tools: wire stripper and screwdriver
  • The package includes 2 x 360mm UV-protected cable ties and instructions