Effekt heaters for water accumulator tanks AISI 825 INCOLOY

The EFFEKT immersion heater is an excellent choice for the renovation of old water central heating systems and accumulators. It functions without any external connection devices, such as switches or contactors. The heater can be connected with an ordinary installation cable (MMJ).

Due to their surface power, the standard Effekt immersion heaters are only inteded for the heating of water. The heater is made of acid-resistant Incoloy steel (AISI825). The acid-resistant Incoloy steel is recommended for regular domestic water and for special applications, such as pool water.

Immersion heaters that are intended for the heating of oil, and which have a very low surface power, are available at special order. Contact our customer service for more information.

***NOTE! Even if no number of products in stock is provided for the product, the delivery time is still only 1-3 business days.***

Electrical number Product Name Price Pcs Buy
8167363 Immersion heater set AISI825 Effekt 30PI+TYK 230/400V 235mm
8167364 Immersion heater set AISI825 Effekt 45PI+TYK 230/400v 335mm
8167366 Immersion heater set AISI825 Effekt 60PI+TYK 230/400V 435mm
8167367 Immersion heater set AISI825 Effekt 75PI+TYK 230/400V 525mm
8167369 Immersion heater set AISI825 Effekt 90PI+TYK 230/400V 625mm
  • Heat-resistant housing
  • 2‘‘ brass connection sleeve 
  • Immersion heater is made of acid-resistant Incoloy steel (AISI 825)
  • Power range 3–9 kW
  • Heater with a star connection
  • 3-pole switch
  • 3-pole thermostat
  • 3-pole overheat cut-off
  • Terminal block for a main circuit connection
  • Heat-resistant connection cables

(NOTE! An immersion heater that requires a star connection must not be connected to a delta connection, as that triples the output and destroys the heater.)

Electrical numberHVAC numberTypeOutput (W)Length (mm)
81 673 63 50 882 01 EFFEKT 30PI+TYK 3,000 235
81 673 64 50 882 03 EFFEKT 45PI+TYK 4,500 335
81 673 66 50 882 05 EFFEKT 60PI+TYK 6,000 435
81 673 67 50 882 08 EFFEKT 75PI+TYK 7,500 525
81 673 69 50 882 10 EFFEKT 90PI+TYK 9,000 625