Effekt cases and thermostats

The enclosure is suitable for 12 kW. For higher power ratings, the connectors and the lead-in opening have been strengthened (marked with the symbol A). For this reason, the different options have been priced individually (e.g., K and KA).

The marking (15) in front of the range, which is in accordance with European stadards, means that the control will start to function at the temperature of +14°C and that the reported control accuracy will only be reached in the actual operating range of +25°C...+85°C.


The immersion heaters intended for water must not be used for the heating of oil. The maximum surface power is significantly lower for oil (1/9 of the water-heating power) than for water. The desired output can be reached by either manufacturing an immersion heater with a lower power rating (ex works delivery) or by reducing the power output of the immersion heater to a sufficiently low level via a wiring change. With series connection, the ouput will drop to 1/9 of the nominal output, and the connection is easy to carry out during implementation. Immersion heaters must always be connected to the nominal voltage marked on the frame.

Outputs 2–9 kW (factory connection star) + 230 V and 12–20 kW (factory connection delta) + 400 V. Before commissioning, the immersion heaters must be marked with the warning labels provided with the product (one to be placed inside and one to be placed outside the enclosure). Before heating any chemicals, the characteristics of the liquid in relation to the material of the tubular elements of the immersion heater must be determined (a material certificate will be supplied for the tubular elements upon request). The one-year product warranty provided for the Effekt immersion heaters is only valid when the immersion heaters have been selected and dimensioned in accordance with the instructions and are used for the heating of oil or water that meets the general quality criteria.


The intended use and operating conditions must be taken into account when selecting the controller. The difference of the thermostat used in connection with the immersion heater must be relatively large in order for the thermostat to function faultlessly and without any load fluctuations. The combination thermostat TY3 (and TYK) meets these requirements best, and it is also suited for use as an independent functional units in a boiler or small accumulator. For the utilisation of the heating capacity of large accumulators, more accurate control is required. The device that is best suited for this purpose is the 1-pole T1 thermostat when placed in the control device pocket S.

***NOTE! Even if no number of products in stock is provided for the product, the delivery time is still only 1-3 business days.***

Electrical number Product Name Price Pcs Buy
8167380 Junction box Effekt-K 2,5mm²
8167381 Junction box Effekt-KA 6mm²
8167383 Thermostat for immersion heater Effekt-T1 230V 1~ 35-95°C
8167388 Thermal cutoff Effekt-Y1 230V 1~ 40-120°C
8167384 Thermostat for immersion heater Effekt-T1A 230V 1~ 35-95°C
8167389 Thermal cutoff Effekt-Y1A 230V 1~ 40-120°C
8167393 Thermostat + thermal cutoff Effekt-TY3 230v 3~ 25-85/110°C
8167394 Thermostat + thermal cutoff Effekt-TY3A 230v 3~25-85/110°C
8167387 Thermostat + thermal cutoff Effekt-T1+Y1 230V 1~ 35-95°C
8167382 Control unit,1-0 switch Effekt-TYK 230V 3~ 25-85/110°C

Electrical numberHVAC numberTypeMethod of use
81 673 80 50 880 45 K Connection box
81 673 81 50 880 46 KA Placement on immersion heater
81 673 83 50 880 50 T1 Temperature control on accumulators;
81 673 84 50 880 51 T1A Placement in control device pocket
81 673 88 50 880 55 Y1 System protection:
81 673 80 50 880 48 Y3 Heater-specific protection;
81 673 89 50 880 56 Y1A Placement on immersion heater;
81 673 93 50 880 59 TY3 Heater-specific protection and control
81 673 94 50 880 58 TY3A Placement on immersion heater
81 673 82 50 880 60 TYK Heater-specific protection and control, placement on heater
81 673 87 50 880 62 T1+Y1 System protection and control, placement in control device pocket