Floor thermostat Eberle 52531-EIS

An underfloor thermostat that is protected against vandalism and equipped with an external 4-metre floor sensor. The Eberle 52531-EIS thermostat is suitable for sites where it is desirable to prevent the persons using the facilities from adjusting the heating system intentionally or unintentionally. Such sites include schools, hospitals, public spaces, and retirement homes. The control dial is completely hidden under a cover that needs to be screwed open.


Electrical number Product Name Pcs Buy
8310600 Floor thermostat Eberle 52531-EIS
  • Operating voltage: 230 V
  • Breaking capacity: 16 A/3,600 W
  • Control range: 1...6 (1060°C)
  • Control dial under a cover that needs to screwed open
  • IP rating: IP30
  • Dimensions: 86 x 86 x 29 mm
  • Sensor: NTC, length 4 m
  • LED indicator
  • On/Off switch