We offer the most favourable prices on the market


We offer electrical contractors quality solutions for frost protection and electric heating at significantly more favourable prices than our competitors around the world. We have a transparent pricing structure. All our customers are offered the same, fantastically low prices.

How is Elserie able to sell for such low prices?

We deliver directly from our factory.


In the past, electrical contractors around the world have been forced to purchase their solutions from either wholesalers or the manufacturer’s distributors. Each intermediary step adds its own costs and must maintain a profit margin on the products. Elserie does not use any intermediate steps; we deliver directly from our factory to you.

How do you monitor product quality?

We focus on our core competence.


For 40 years, we have concentrated on developing and manufacturing solutions for frost protection, snow and ice melting, electric heating and construction site heating. We want to be the global leader in what we do.

Do you provide services?

Yes. 90 % of our customers would recommend us.

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Our customer service is here to assist you, and we are happy to provide advice or planning assistance according to your project-specific needs.

How are the products delivered?

Quickly and directly to where you want them.


Flexible payment solutions, fast product deliveries and delivery directly to the customer – also to construction sites.

What happens if I don’t like the product?

You get a 100% satisfaction warranty.


Have you received the wrong products for any reason, or do you just want to return them anyway? No problem. You will get 100% of your money back with no need for explanations or hidden costs.


What kind of company is Elserie exactly?

Elserie is a Nordic company owned by Pistesarjat Oy, which was founded in Finland in 1977. In 2020, the turnover forecast of the Pistesarjat group is approx. SEK 1000 million. Our company headquarters and factories are located in Finland. We have branches in Sweden and will expand to Norway in the near future.