Betoninlämmityskaapelit, räätälöidyt koot

The customisable PST BET concrete heating cables are only intended for the curing/drying of cast conrete. The cables prevent the mass from freezing and speed up the drying of concrete. Afterwards, the frame of the building can be dried effectively by re-energising the cables if they have not been cut.

The cables can be customised to meet the customer's needs and equipped with a suitable cold cable.

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  • Curing, drying, and heating of cast concrete
  • May only be installed against fire-resistant structures and in accordance with the applicable electrical safety regulations

NOTE! Not suitable for underfloor heating.

Take a look at the instructions for wintertime concrete laying and the related brochure on the Documents tab.


Electrical number Product Name Pcs Buy
1082 Betoninlämmityskaapelit, räätälöidyt koot
  • Customisable for the part of the output, length, and cold cable
  • Delivery time: 13 business days from the order
  • Minimum bend radius: 50 mm