APO oil-filled heaters, tall

The oil-filled APO radiators are safe and reliable to use due to their low temperatures and electronic thermostats. Sustainability has been taken into account already in the design phase of the heaters. The heaters are equipped with a progammable temperature reduction function, a window-open function, and anti-freeze protection.

Environmentally friendly rapeseed oil is used for heat transfer. The heaters are always supplied with both wall-mounting brackets and separate mounting feet so that the heater can also be used as a portable heater. As standard, the heaters contain a fixed cable that is equipped with a plug, which makes the connection of the heater extremely quick and easy.

The heater is equipped with a temperature reduction function, with the aid of which the temperature is reduced by -3.5°C from the set temperature value at the same time each day. Implementation of the temperature reduction function: Turn the switch to the reduction position (moon symbol), when you want to start the reduction, and back to the normal position (sun symbol), when you want to return to the set normal temperature. The heater will follow the thus set cycle daily. The temperature reduction function can be switched off by turning the power switch to the off position for a moment.

The heater meets the requirements of the EcoDesign Directive.


Electrical number Product Name Price Pcs Buy
8175151 Oil filled panel heater APO 035 KET 350W
8175152 OIl filled panel heater APO 070 KET 700W
8175153 OIl filled panel heater APO 100 KET 1000W
8175154 Oil filled panel heater APO 125 KET 1250W
  • Operating voltage: 230 V
  • Includes wall-mounting brackets and mounting feet
  • Includes a connection cable that is equipped with a plug
  • Temperature reduction with a programmable daily timer
  • EcoDesign approved
Electrical numberTypeOutput (W)Width (mm)Height (mm)
81 754 33 APO 035 KET 350 660 600
81 754 34 APO 070 KET 700 900 600
81 754 35 APO 100 KET 1,000 1,140 600
81 754 36 APO 125 KET 1,250 1,380 600