Adax Neo Wifi White Tall

The Adax Neo Wifi heaters now provide easy-to-use remote control with the most stylish exterior on the market. The front surface of the heater is made of elegant toughened glass. Heating control is extremely easy with the free ADAX mobile application. Each heater can be individually controlled, or multiple heaters can be linked together to create larger zones that are controlled together.

The heater can be controlled and the timer function can be used via a WiFi connection (e.g., in the daily and weekly timer application). The ambient temperature and the set target tempeature are displayed in the application. It is also possible to create entire zones (e.g., a room or building) that are controlled together instead of individual heaters. Various heating profiles can be programmed for each heater or zone. The thermostat is also equipped with membrane keys and a LED segment display for traditional control.


Electrical number Product Name Price Pcs Buy
8175461 Wifi Panel heater Adax Neo H04KWT White
8175462 Wifi Panel heater Adax Neo H06KWT White
8175463 Wifi Panel heater Adax Neo H08KWT White
8175464 Wifi Panel heater Adax Neo H10KWT White
8175465 Wifi Panel heater Adax Neo H12KWT White
8175466 Wifi Panel heater Adax Neo H14KWT White
8175467 Wifi Panel heater Adax Neo H20KWT White
  • Operating voltage: 220–240 V AC 50/60 Hz
  • Colour: white
  • Height: 330 mm
  • Depth: 88 mm
  • IP rating: IP24
  • Protection class: double insulated
  • Material: painted metal casing
  • Surface temperature: +87°C (overheat cut-off)
  • Connection: flat plug (can be plugged directly into a Schuko socket, a fixed connection box is available separately)
  • Mounting: wall-mounting brackets are provided with the product (mounting feet are available separately)
  • Thermostat type: electronic
  • Remote control requires a wireless connection in the vicinity of the heater
  • Compliant with the Ecodesign Directive

Electrical numberTypeColourOutput (W)Width (mm)Height (mm)
81 754 60 Adax Neo WiFi H04KWT white 250 520 330
81 754 61 Adax Neo WiFi H04KWT white 400 565 330
81 754 62 Adax Neo WiFi H06KWT white 600 635 330
81 754 63  Adax Neo WiFi H08KWT white 800 750 330
81 754 64  Adax Neo WiFi H10KWT white 1,000 809 330
81 754 65 Adax Neo WiFi H12KWT white 1,200 984 330
81 754 66 Adax Neo WiFi H14KWT white 1,400 1,094 330
81 754 67 Adax Neo WiFi H20KWT white 2,000 1,433 330